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Our Still is a cross between a typical tequila and Irish whiskey still.  The lid, column and lyne arm are hand crafted from copper to help remove sulfides from the vapor, while the kettle is made from stainless steel to reduce heat loss and easier cleaning.

It was fabricated by our owner Paul, whose background is engineering, machining and fabricating.  Years ago, he built exhaust pipes for 2-stroke dirt bikes which the lyne arm closely resembles.


The copper used is 99% pure and completely TIG welded together by hand, then pounded into smooth arcs.  Copper is used to pull the sulfides out of the distillation vapors.  

The Still is heated by pumping steam through copper coils at the bottom of the stainless steel kettle.   

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The kettle is made from stainless to reduce heat loss and make cleaning easier.

The kettle has a 250 gallon capacity.  It takes about 800 pounds of Agave to create that amount of Mash.  That's usually only 2 of our Maui Agave!

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